$10m in Tuition Funding Available for Graduate Nursing Students

SC lawmakers authorized $10 million dollars of state funding for student-debt forgiveness for graduate-level nurses who go on to teach in the state after graduation.

The BOLD (Better Outcomes, Less Debt) Career Pathways Nursing Faculty Loan Program offers financial assistance to nursing students in graduate-level nursing programs who are willing to become nursing staff in the state.

Student’s tuition can be forgiven between $30,000 to $90,000 depending on their degree and how long they teach. Following graduation, program participants must agree to serve two years as nursing faculty within the state for every one year of tuition reimbursement they receive. This program hopes to increase the number of nurses continuing their education to become advanced practice providers in South Carolina.

Funding applies to graduate-level Nursing Educator programs – DNP, Ph.D, and MSN in Nursing Education.